Sheila Petrocy Green


It may not have been a direct path, the combining of all of Sheila Petrocy Green's passions, collections and talents ( textiles, religious art, ephemera, flea market finds, the environment, rock collecting, vintage clothes, jewelry, style, spirituality, fashion, justice, puppets, gypsy blood lines, Maria Von Trapp sensibility, miniatures, details...) BUT she says it was worth the journey.

Her family dubbed her the "Highness of Bizarreness" in her twenties when she reacted to her preppy university surroundings by sporting outrageous make-up and homemade satin embroidered kimono jackets. 

 "I always adored fashion and had fun with it.  What's the point otherwise?  I never felt like everyone else, so why would I want to dress like everyone else?  I look back and chuckle at some of my getups.  I remember a hand dyed, home sewn, head to toe purple ensemble brought great ridicule, but I have no regrets!"

Sheila's motto and favorite quote:

"Do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world.  Show that God's creative principle works in you."  Paramahansa Yogananda